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Growing Tips

Herbicide Caution

Some pre-emergence herbicides can and will cause distortions in squash and pumpkins, especially the species with the corky stems. It also has been noticed in hardstem varieties. These distortions may show up in both color or shape.


Direct seed into field. Plant ½” - ¾” deep. Row spacing should range from 36” - 60” apart. In row spacing ranges from 18” - 24”.


Scout fields every 7 days. Inspect for weeds, insect, and disease infestation.


Harvest every other day. Fruit should be 7 - 8” in length and 1 - 2½” in diameter. Another way to determine harvestablity is to harvest when blossom has wilted.


Store at 40 - 50ºF and at 95% humidity.