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Arangina is a delicious mid-season ESL Italian melon. Strong plant vigor with good and uniform fruit setting. The fruit is blocky shaped, hard course netting, deep green sutures, dark orange flesh with great firmness and small cavity. Outstanding eating quality. Harvest indicator is when rind changes colors.

V31022 : Arangina
Treatment * Pkg Size ** Price (USD)
Treated 100 seeds $12.85
Treated 500 seeds $50.50
Treated 1M seeds $72.10
Treated 5M seeds $345.00
Treated 15M seeds $1,005.00
* M = 1,000
** US customer prices shown in USD.
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Disease Resistance
Fusarium Wilt 0,1,2
Powdery Mildew 1,2,3,5
Item Number
Maturity (days)
Fruit Size (lbs)
3 - 6
Deep Green
Flesh Color
Deep Orange
Year New

Growing Tips


When direct seeding plant ½” - 1” deep. Soil temperature should be 75 - 85ºF. Five to six feet is the recommended row spacing with 18 - 24 inches between plants. If starting with transplants sow 3 - 5 weeks prior to planting outside.

Planting Guidelines - Melons
Approximate Seeds per Pound:
15,000 - 20,000
Seeding Rate per Acre by Weight:
4 - 4.8 oz
Seeding Rate per Acre in M (1,000):
3.8 - 6.1 M
Seeding Rate Seeds per 1,000 foot of Row:
500 - 667
Seed or Plant Spacing In Row:
18 - 24"
Seed or Plant Spacing Between Rows:
60 - 72"
Seed or Plant Spacing Depth:
.5 - 1"
Recommended Soil Temperature:
75 - 85°F
Days to Germination:
7 - 12

To ensure high yield place pollinators near fields. A melon needs to be visited by a bee three times to ensure proper pollination. Scout every seven days for weed, insect, and disease pressure. Contact your local extension agent or consult the Midwest Vegetable Production Guide for identification and treatment options.


Harvest 30 - 35 days after pollination. If shipping, pick at half slip. When picking for fresh market, pick at ¾ to full slip. Wash fruit in peroxyacetic acid (peroxide and acetic acid), as a non-chlorine sanitizing option.


Cool to at least 70ºF and at 95% humidity. Shelf life is based on storage temperature. Do not cool below 32ºF.