Grand Vantage

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An exciting fresh market variety with attractive green to blue-green color. Very round head 7 x 7", heavy weight, dense solid interior and short core. Tight wrapper leaves. Good holding ability and excellent yield.

V17116 : Grand Vantage
Treatment * Pkg Size ** Price (USD)
Treated 1M seeds $8.95
Treated 5M seeds $41.75
Treated 25M seeds $193.75
Treated 100M seeds $715.00
* M = 1,000
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Disease Resistance
Tip Burn
Yellows Resistant (1)
Item Number
Maturity (days from transplant)
Direct Seeding
Add 10 - 15 days
Head Weight (pounds)
5 - 6
Head Type
Blue Green
Grower Preferred  
Standard Treatment
Popular For
Fresh Market

Growing Tips


Transplant early cabbage soon enough that it matures before the heat of summer. Planting two or three varieties with different maturities can provide harvest over a longer period of time. Late cabbage must be started during the heat of mid-summer, but it develops its main head during the cooling weather of fall. It may be transplanted or direct seeded. Plants should be planted 12” - 24” apart depending on variety and the desired head size. Sow cabbage seeds ¼” - ½” deep.

Planting Guidelines - Cabbage
Approximate Seeds per Pound:
107,000 - 128,000
Seeding Rate per Acre by Weight:
1.9 - 2.2 oz
Seeding Rate per Acre in M (1,000):
15.2 M
Seeding Rate Seeds per 1,000 foot of Row:
Seed or Plant Spacing In Row:
Seed or Plant Spacing Between Rows:
Seed or Plant Spacing Depth:
.3 - .5"
Recommended Soil Temperature:
50 - 60°F
Days to Germination:
6 - 10

Use starter fertilizer when transplanting and side-dress with nitrogen after plants are half grown. Keep your plants out of intense sunlight and heat of summer. Common problems are Yellow or Fusarium Wilt, as well as cabbage worms.


Cabbage can be harvested anytime after the head has formed. For highest yield, cut the cabbage heads when they are solid (firm to hand pressure) but before they crack or split. When heads are mature, a rain may cause heads to crack or split.


Fresh, uncut heads of cabbage can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. Cover loosely with a plastic bag or use perforated bags. Do not wash cabbage before storing; the extra moisture will hasten deterioration.