What Did I Buy Last Year?

June 1, 2022 | By Rupp Seeds

One of the most asked questions we receive from customers is “What did I order last year?”. For many years, we have sent customers an order report mailing in the fall that detailed what they ordered the prior season. The ability for you to access your purchase history has now been added to the Customer Center on our website. 

Once you log in, click the “Purchase History” tab. You can then enter a start date and end date for your past transactions. You will be able to see your purchase history back to July 2015. The list that’s returned is sorted by Product Group to make it easier for you to scan down the list if you’re looking for a particular type of product, like beets, broccoli, corn, etc. Quantities are combined for like items across multiple orders/invoices, so the item will only show up once in the list and indicate the total number purchased in the date range.

We’d love to hear what you think about this new feature and what additional features you would like to see added to the site. Send us an email with your thoughts.