COVID-19 Notice

March 23, 2020 | By Rupp Seeds

It is essential, for the short and long term health and prosperity of our community and country, that farmers are able to produce feed and food.

As a supplier of seed to farmers, we are committed to staying open and preserving our ability to be their source of this first essential input needed for producing a crop.

With this in mind, we are restricting visitor access into our facilities so our doors are currently locked.

Please call one of the following numbers and we’ll make arrangements to address your needs.

For vegetable seed, call

For corn and soybeans and other forage seeds, call

For all other needs, call

We are continuing to deliver seed and are taking steps to minimize physical contact. Customers can place orders and make arrangements for the pickup of seed by contacting our office. We have adopted a “drive thru” type of service for customers who are picking up seed, which will require an appointment.


Coronavirus Notice