Grow Your Best Pumpkin Crop Yet

May 8, 2020 | By Rupp Seeds

Pumpkins are a fun and profitable crop to grow. The satisfaction of seeing bins full of pumpkins heading off to market or the joy of watching school children selecting their favorite during a farm visit is unmatched. However, while being fun to grow, pumpkin production isn’t without its challenges. 

A key factor in a profitable crop is knowing who you aim to sell your pumpkins to. Your target of either wholesale or retail will help in choosing which varieties to grow. After you’ve selected your pumpkin varieties you’ll need to determine plant spacing and planting timing. Proper plant spacing is critical for plant health and size. The correct planting timing will ensure that your crop reaches its peak when your market needs them.  While your crop is growing you will need to manage fertility, weeds, insects and disease pressure. Finally, as your pumpkins reach maturity you’ll need to handle the fruit with care during harvest and store them so they stay fresh for sale.

Our 2020 Pumpkin Guide will lead you through these decisions and help you to produce your best pumpkin crop yet.

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