How to Order


Remedy is a BC 0805 type with improved insect resisitance through the Attribute II trait stack, providing built-in control of key pests including European corn borer, corn earworm, fall armyworm, black cutworm and Western bean cutworm. The Attribute II trait also provides tolerance to Liberty and Touchdown herbicides.  **Under certain stress conditions, Remedy sweet corn may exhibit tassels and/or glumes growing out of the ear. *An additional waiver needs to be signed for this variety.

Documents Required:

If you purchase ATTRIBUTE sweet corn, you are required by the EPA to fill out and sign a Stewardship Agreement for your farm. If you already have an Attribute license, please include your license number on your order form in the space provided. The ATTRIBUTE Grower Stewardship Agreement can be found below. You may also obtain your Attribute licesnse by visiting or call 1-800-768-6387 ext. 3 to register.

 ATTRIBUTE Grower Stewardship Agreement

 Remedy Sweet Corn - Supplemental Agreement