Protect Your Squash from Papaya Ringspot

February 28, 2019 / By Rupp Seeds

Beauty shot of a trio of Spineless Supreme summer squash

Papaya ringspot virus (PRSV) is a pathogenic plant virus of the genus Potyvirus that is transmitted mechanically (through pruning) and by aphids. PRSV threatens papaya and cucurbits in all regions of the world where these crops are cultivated. Leaves that are infected with PRSV show intense mosaic with a narrowing of leaves and stunting. Plants that become infected with PRSV at an early age experience stunted plant growth that often results in limited yields, whereas plants that become infected at a later age tend to produce unmarketable crops of deformed fruit.

To protect your summer squash crop from Papaya ringspot virus, we offer several green and yellow squash with resistance to PRSV. Green varieties: Kopana, Liberty, Payload and Spineless Supreme and Yellow varieties: Conqueror III and Grandprize.

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Protect Your Squash from Papaya Ringspot