Improve Your Pumpkin Crop with Strategic Planting.

April 10, 2018 / By Rupp Seeds

An image showing the spacing of young pumpkin plants.

Uniform harvest of your pumpkin crop can be challenging with the wide range of maturities available. For several years, we have published a Planting & Harvesting Timing chart in our catalog that can help you select the appropriate planting dates in order to achieve your desired harvest dates. By starting with a given pumpkin variety maturity and then choosing your harvest date, you will then get a planting date for your crop.

A recent article from Ron Goldy, Michigan State University Extension talked about improving your pumpkin crop success by adjusting your planting dates. Earlier planting dates can help avoid diseases like powdery mildew. We carry a wide range of powdery mildew tolerant pumpkins available. Powdery mildew tolerant varieties are a great help, but growers see even better results when those varieties are combined with a strong fungicide program. We encourage you to consult the 2018 Midwest Vegetable Production Guide for fungicide recommendations. Planting earlier also helps with pollination as earlier pollination dates will help you avoid the summer heat which limits flower set and pollinator activity. You can read the full article here.