2018 Vegetable Trials

June 07, 2018 / By Rupp Seeds

We place a high priority on getting a first-hand look at varieties we offer to growers. We recently planted our 2018 trials with the following crops: broccoli; cabbage; cucumber; onion; bell, hot and sweet peppers; summer squash; roma, round and specialty tomatoes; and watermelon. Additional trials on our farm will look at green beans, sweet corn, pumpkins and winter squash.
The varieties grown are a select group of commercially available products along with experimental varieties that may be available in coming years. Additionally, breeders will have us look at varieties that are even earlier in their life cycle. They use our feedback to either advance a variety to the next phase or decide to go back to the drawing board.
Our farm trials often confirm that the top recommended varieties are the top for a reason. They have also given us an early look at up and coming varieties and it is likely that a few new things from this trial will make it in to our 2019 catalog. As trials are completed throughout the summer we will update results on the news section of our website. Recap summaries will also be printed in our 2019 catalog.
Here is a detailed look at what we will be evaluating this season.


The broccoli trial consists of 25 varieties, 11 of which are experimental. We will be evaluating the varieties for: maturity, head size, bead size, bolting tolerance, uniform maturity, and brown bead rating.



We will evaluate 15 commercial cabbage varieties for: head tightness, color, and splitting tolerance.



The nine cucumbers we test (including 4 experimental varieties) will be assessed for downy mildew tolerance, yield, and grade (super selects, selects and culls).


Ten onion varieties will be rated on size and storage ability.


Bell Peppers

The bell pepper trial includes 45 commercial and 10 experimental varieties. These peppers will be evaluated for: fruit size and shape, fruit color, firmness, shoulder appearance, uniformity, wall thickness, blossom end, and yield.

Hot Peppers

Hot peppers will be evaluated for: wall thickness, fruit color, uniformity, yield, plant structure, fruit dimensions, and late checking. We will test 60 varieties including 15 experimentals.

Sweet Peppers

The sweet pepper test group has 20 commercial and 14 experimental varieties. They will be checked for wall thickness, fruit color, uniformity, yield, and plant structure.


Summer Squash

We evaluate summer squash for: petiole spines, fruit uniformity, blossom scar, fruit gloss, skin texture, plant type, and stem color. The test will consist of 16 commercial and 8 experimental varieties.


Roma Tomatoes

We will be trialing 16 roma tomato varieties including 9 experimentals. They will be evaluated for maturity, fruit set, fruit firmness, flesh quality, interior color, blossom scar, and fruit size.

Round Tomatoes

Round tomatoes will be rated for: maturity, fruit set, flavor, shoulder quality, flesh quality, interior color, blossom scar, fruit size, and fruit shape. The trial includes 35 commercial and 18 experimental varieties.


Specialty Tomatoes

Eight specialty tomatoes, including 3 experimental varieties, will be evaluated on taste and cracking tolerance.


The watermelon trial includes 1 experimental and 13 commercial varieties. They will be assessed on pip size, interior color, flesh quality, flavor and weight.