2017 NCSU and U of T Pumpkin Cultivar Evaluations

April 16, 2018 / By Rupp Seeds

Image showing North Carolina State University and University of Tennessee researchers in a pumpkin trial field

North Carolina State University and The University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture recently released the results of their 2017 Pumpkin Cultivar Evaluation. The full results are available to download in this PDF file.

The 2017 trial included products from 8 breeders/companies in a range of sizes from large to mini and it was conducted at the NCSU Mountain Research Station in Waynesville North Carolina. Rupp varieties in the trial included: Mini (<5#) Prankster, Medium (10-20#) Eagle City Gold, Skidoo Gold, and Solid Gold, and Large (>20.1#) Bayhorse Gold.

Bayhorse Gold ranked first in both Tons/acre and fruit per acre with an average fruit weight of 20.6 lbs. Eagle City Gold ranked second in Tons/acre with an average weight of 19.3 lbs. (See pages 19 and 20 for more details.)

In addition to performing well in this trial, both Bayhorse Gold and Eagle City Gold have performed well for pumpkin growers across the country. 

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